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I’ve Been Blogging on Gamasutra

February 11, 2014 | By | 2 Comments

I’ve been writing the occasional article on my experiences becoming an indie developer, and posting them over at Gamasutra.

Rather than cross post them here, feel free to check them out over on the Gamasutra web site.

Staying Focused and Motivated as an Indie Developer Working Alone.

Mentoring And Why It Matters To The Games Business.

It’s Not All Rainbows and Unicorns. Thoughts on Life, The Universe, and Indie Development. 


Larry Niven – Tales of Known Space, Reading Order

February 3, 2014 | By | 2 Comments

I’m a big Space Opera / Sci-fi fan, and an equally big Larry Niven fan.

I recently decided to re-read a bunch of Larry Niven stories from his Known Space Series, but was at a complete loss about the read order of the various stories, short stories and novels that encompass the timeline.

So, after a fair bit of research (before I found a great reference here), I put together a solid read order for all the main stories on the Known Space timeline. There is a bit of jumping around and pulling chapters out of certain books, but this is what I ended up with.

  1. The Coldest Place
  2. Becalmed in Hell
  3. Wait it Out
  4. Eye of an Octopus
  5. How the Heroes Die
  6. The Jigsaw Man
  7. World of Ptavvs
  8. At the Bottom of a Hole
  9. Intent to Deceive
  10. Death By Ecstasy
  11. The Defenseless Dead
  12. Phsstphok (from Protector)
  13. ARM
  14. The Patchwork Girl
  15. The Woman in Del Rey Crater
  16. Cloak of Anarchy
  17. The Ethics of Madness (start thru “2583.8 PLATEAU”)
  18. Interlude (from Protector)
  19. Vandervecken (from Protector)
  20. A Gift From Earth (novel)
  21. Protector (from Protector)
  22. The Ethics of Madness (“2583.8 PLATEAU” thru end)
  23. The Warriors
  24. Telepath’s Dance (from “Man-Kzin Wars VIII”)
  25. Madness Has Its Place
  26. Choosing Names (from “Man-Kzin Wars VIII”)
  27. Neutron Star
  28. A Relic of Empire
  29. At the Core
  30. Flatlander
  31. The Handicapped
  32. Grendel
  33. Juggler of Worlds (Chapters: “They” thru “Besieged”)
  34. The Borderland of the Sol (from “Crashlander”)
  35. Juggler of Worlds (Chapter: “Besieged”)
  36. Fleet of Worlds (novel)
  37. Juggler of Worlds (Chapter: “Becalmed”)
  38. Procrustes (from “Crashlander”)
  39. Ghost (8 sections from “Crashlander”)
  40. Juggler of Worlds (Chapter: “Betrayed”)
  41. Fly-By-Night (from “Man-Kzin Wars IX”)
  42. The Soft Weapon
  43. Juggler of Worlds (Chapters: “The Outsiders” thru “Epilogue”)
  44. Destroyer of Worlds (novel)
  45. The Color of Sunfire (short story published on
  46. Betrayer of Worlds (novel)
  47. There is a Tide
  48. Ringworld
  49. Ringworld Engineers
  50. Ringworld Throne
  51. Ringworld’s Children
  52. Fate of Worlds: Return from the Ringworld
  53. The Hunting Park (from “Man-Kzin Wars XI”)
  54. Safe at Any Speed



January 10, 2014 | By | Add a Comment


I just launched a new website called Indielicious. It’s all about the Indie Game scene, something very close to my heart. In case you don’t know, Indie Games are cool. They are made by super creative individuals and teams, who mke games for the right reasons. Believe me, I’ve been involved with enough companies and projects over the years, that were all about the wrong reasons.

The indie game scene reminds me of back in the day, when I first started writing game, in the early 1980s. It was all young guys and gals, working for themselves in their bedrooms, making games that they wanted to make. I guess that this way of making games has never really gone away, rather I think I was the one who went away. I went on a wild journey through corporate, big box, sometimes AAA video game development. I got lost in the weeds for many years, chained to big companies, suckling at the big publishers teats (eew!). But now I am back. I’m full time indie again. I”m working from my home, listening to Radio 1 over the Internet, drinking cups of tea, hanging out with my dev buddies, and MAKING GAMES!

I’m also running this new website. Go check it out!


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Personally, I believe in a holistic approach to health and living life. Think healthy thoughts, be happy, eat and drink whatever you fancy in moderation, but try to make generally “healthy” choices. Enjoy a mixed, diverse and balanced diet if possible. Fruit, veg, water, cake. Exercise a little, be active, walk, laugh, love and fuck. Try to enjoy life, not for the material things, but for the intangibles. Be kind to yourself, and don’t beat yourself up over silly stuff. This is my philosophy, and I don’t really care what anyone else thinks.

Cool Emulator And Gargoyles

August 10, 2013 | By | Add a Comment

This ia a rather cool Sega Genesis emulator. Play all your old favorites in the browser!

Here’s a link to an old game I wrote almost 20 years ago! It’s called Gargoyles, and I wrote it for Disney back in 94/95.

There’s a cool cheat in there that plays a techno track and shows spinning vector balls. I managed to slip it into the game, with the help of a few accomplices 🙂

Play the game and hit pause [Enter]. Then type D A L L S A L L. The original Easter egg was C A L L B A L L. Anyway, enjoy the techno track made by my good friend Patrick Collins!

Build and Deploy Your Marmalade App to Your Development Device.

May 21, 2013 | By | 7 Comments

NOTE:  Marmalade has been updated a few times since I wrote this guide.  They now have the HUB and stuff.  Some of the info below will still be relevant, but some probably wont be.

I’ve been playing with Marmalade, and needed to set up a bunch of iOS/Apple crap to get the whole thing working. There’s info out there on the web, but it’s scattered around. As I worked through this ridiculously complex and obtuse process, I made notes to share. Hopefully this will be useful to some poor, hapless programmer somewhere!

Build and deploy your Marmalade application to your development device.

This is for Windows. I have no idea about Mac and XCode.

Thee steps should be repeated for Ad Hoc or Distribution too.

Go to;
Sign in or create an account
Click first link "iOS Dev Center"
Under the menu "iOS Developer Program" (far right), click "Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles"


You'll need a .certsigningrequest file.
	Run the Marmalade "Marmalade iPhone Sign Request" Tool
		All Programs -> Marmalade -> x.x -> Tools
	You'll need your name and email you used to register as a dev with Apple
	This tool will generate 2 files;

On Apple Dev Site ..

Click on "Certificates" in the top left menu.
Click on the [+] to add a new certificate

Make sure you have the Intermediate Worldwide Developer certificate installed.
	Click on the "Worldwide Developer Relations Certificate Authority" link.
	Download and "Open" the .cer file.
	Click "Install", and follow the Wizard.
		Use default settings and Click "Finish" when the cert has been added.	 

Select "iOS App Development" (or "App Store and Ad Hoc")
Click [Continue]
Read the instructions.
Click [Continue]
Click [Choose File], and find and select the "signingrequest.csr" file you just created
Click [Generate]
Read the instructions
Click [Download]
Find and open the ios_development.cer (or ios_distribution.cer) file you just generated
Install the cert, the same way you installed the "Intermediate Certificate", earlier
Copy the ios_development.cer file to your Marmalade certificates folder
Rename the copied ios_development.cer to developer_identity.cer (or distribution_identity.cer)

You're done with certs!


Click the [+] to add new App ID
Read the instructions
Enter name of the App
Make your feature selections.  Defaults should be Game Center and In-App Purchases, enabled.
Select the App ID Prefix
Select "Explicit App ID"
Enter "Bundle ID".  Usually something like; com.companyname.appname
Click [Continue]
Click [Submit]
Click [Done]


You must register the devices you want to deploy on.
Click [+] to add new device
Enter a name for your device
Enter the UDID for your device
Click [Continue]
Click [Register]

Provisioning Profile

Download and install the "iPhone Configuration Utility", from here;

Click [+] to add new Provisioning Profile
Read the instructions
Select "iOS App Development"
Click [Continue]
Select your App ID.  The ones you created earlier should be in the drop down menu
Click [Continue]
Select your certificate.
Click [Continue]
Select all devices you want to deploy the app to
Click [Continue]
Enter a Profile Name
Click [Generate]
Click [Download]

The provisioning Profile should be copied into the data folder in your project folder

Fire up MS Dev Studio
	Set your build configurations to "GCC ARM Release", and build and RUN your project
	The Marmalade System Deployment Tool should launch
		Click "Stage: Configuration" on the right
		Click [Add ], and give your config a name
		For your new config, work you way through the menu on the right and set everything up how you want
			Enter the App Bundle ID (
			Set the provisioning profile to the one you saved earlier to your data folder.
		Click [Save MKB] when you are done.
		Select App name under "Stage: Deployment"
			Select "Release" and "Package"
			Click [Run]
			An .ipa file should now exist in your deployments folder
				\project\build_project_vc11\deployments\Project Name\iphone\release			

Connect your iPad or iPhone to your PC
Find and double click the .mobileprovision file you just downloaded
This will launch the "iPhone Configuration Utility"
	Click [Add] in the top left
	For "Files of Type", select "Mobile Devices (.deviceinfo)", and navigate to your .deviceinfo file.  Click [Open]
	Click [Add] in the top left
	For "Files of Type", select "Mobile Application (.ipa)", and navigate to your .ipa file.  Click [Open]
	Select "Devices" from left menu
	Select your device on the left
	Click the "Provisioning Profiles" tab
	Select the provisioning profile and click [Install]
	Your device is now provisioned to run your app
	Click the "Applications" tab
	Select your game from the list and click [Install]
	Wait ...
	Your app should now be installed to your device

You Live, You Die

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The living part of that is the important thing. What you do has to be rewarding. What is the point of living a life, without feeding that amazing brain, and all your sense, with as much good stuff as possible. This is the reason we’re alive. God knows, nothing else makes sense! Experience, love, feel, smell, care, eat, fuck, play, work, all of it should be done with a hunger, driven by certain death. And on that happy note, I give you Kittens!

Root Beer From Scratch

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No extracts or concentrates.

EA’s Response To Being Named ‘The Worst Company in America’

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Well done EA! Well done!


I’m a ..

April 4, 2013 | By | Add a Comment

.. Pragmatist.



1. Philosophy A movement consisting of varying but associated theories, originally developed by Charles S. Peirce and William James and distinguished by the doctrine that the meaning of an idea or a proposition lies in its observable practical consequences.
2. A practical, matter-of-fact way of approaching or assessing situations or of solving problems.
I like things that make sense, and can’t stand things that don’t.