Interviews and Articles

Over the years, I’ve done a number of interviews and articles for various gaming and retro-gaming websites.  I’ve collected them here for easy reference.  Enjoy!

Updated, 12/13/21.


Antstream Arcade Interview – 2020

Gremlin, Disney Interactive and EA: Inside Stories – The Retro Hour EP178 2019

University of Derby Commendation Speech Transcript – 2019

RVG Interviews: Chris Shrigley – 2019

In The Chair: Chris Shrigley Interview – Retro Gamer 2019

FREEZE64 Issue 20 – Bounder – FREEZE64 2018

Arcade Attack Retro Gaming Podcast Interview – Arcade Attack 2018

Chris Shrigley (EA/Gremlin) Interview – 2016

Classic Console Magazine Interview – Classic Console Magazine 2014

RVG Interview with Chris Shrigley – Retro Video Gamer 2014

Walt Disney – Imagine the stories you can be part of – Wetfeet 2010

Making The James Bond Jr Videogame – Chris Shrigley Interview – MI6 2007

Interview: Chris Shrigley – Sega-16 2005

Playing Catch-Up: Gremlin/Eurocom’s Chris Shrigley – Gamasutra 2005

Interview: Chris Shrigley –


Gamasutra Blog

A Postmortem. Making Games Is Easy. Selling Them, Not So Much – Gamasutra Blog 2019

Mentoring And Why It Matters To The Games Business – Gamasutra Blog 2014

Staying Focused and Motivated as an Indie Developer Working Alone – Gamasutra 2014

It’s Not All Rainbows and Unicorns. Thoughts on Life, The Universe, and Indie Development – Gamasutra 2014

Born Again Indie – Gamasutra 2014