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November 25, 2020 | By

Been awhile, so thought I should post a quick update. Things have been a bit weird with the pandemic, but mostly things have just been ticking along. I’m fit and well, but my eyesight continues to get worse. It is what it is, and no point moping about it. It’s quite unlikely that I should exist at all, and out of the billions of years before, and the billions of years to come, here I am, here and now. I think I need to make the most of that.

I started another new game project*, which hasn’t been announced or anything yet, apart from this vague post. I’m working with a fine young man from Scotland on character design and art for the demo. My goal is to have the first hour or so of the game playable, and then try and drum up some interest in finishing it. Regardless, I’m getting my jollies, just by trying to bootstrap the whole thing. I hope to have some stuff to show and chat about in a few weeks.

That’s all from me for another 6 months! TTFN!

*A note to my future self.. Hi Chris, only you know how all this turns out. How exciting! I hope I did stuff OK and I didn’t break anything or destroy any civilizations along the way. Mostly I hope I didn’t let you down. You’re looking very handsome, by the way!

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