Source Code Archive

I’ve been a games programmer for a very long time now, and over the years I’ve collected quite a lot of source code from the games I’ve worked on.  Unfortunately, a lot of the code is still owned by other people, and cannot be shared.  I have older archives though, on the NES, and Sega Genesis, that I can share, and they are linked below.

Feel free to download and play with the code as you will.  One important thing to note, this code is made available for educational purposes only!  You are NOT allowed to make money from this source code, in any way, shape or form.


Please don’t link directly to these files. Please link to this page. Thanks!

  •  Magician (NES) Project Archive – This was the first game that Eurocom Entertainment Software every made.  I designed the game and programmed all the tools and game editors. We pitched the game to Taxan Kaga in Japan and they liked it and gave us our first gig.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Sadly, Eurocom recently closed their doors for good, after 25 years of making games.
  • John Smith Special Agent (aka James Bond Jr.) (NES) Project Archive – This was Eurocom’s second game.  I programmed it in 1989/90, but it wasn’t released until 1992, under the new title “James Bond Jr.”, by THQ Inc.
  • Hero Quest (NES) (Unreleased) Project Archive – I programmed this as a quick freelance gig for Gremlin Graphics during the summer of 1991, just after leaving Eurocom, and waiting to go to the US to work for ACME Interactive.  I programmed this in my back bedroom, with the windows open, and the sunshine streaming in, listening to Radio One’s “Our Tune”. Good times!
  • Ex-Mutants (Sega Genesis) Project Archive – First game I programmed in the US for ACME Interactive   They became Malibu Interactive, before the game was released.  This was the game I learned the Genesis system and the 68000 programming language on!  I have some wonderful (and crazy) memories making this game!
  • Cliff Hanger (Sega Genesis) Project Archive – Second game I wrote for Malibu Interactive, based on the dubious movie by the same name.
  • Batman Returns (Sega CD) Project Archive – The lead programmers on this projects were John O’Brien and Andrew Green, John programmed the 3D driving game (which this package contains), and Andrew programmed the platform game sections (which is not included in this package). I was the support programmer for the overall project, responsible for the “shell”, including the intros, titlepage, menus, cut-scenes, and various other tools and stuff. I also wrote the code that glued the two separate games together, and all the Sega CD disc loading and IO stuff.  The team of artists, programmers and designers at Acme Interactive in the early 90s were some of the most talented, coolest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with in the games business.
  • Gargoyles (Sega Genesis) Project Archive – My final game on the Sega Genesis (sniff), and the one I’m probabaly most proud of.  The game was hard to write and took me almost a year to complete.  There’s a lot of really cool coding in this game.  Released in 1995 by Buena Vista Games (Disney Software).

Have fun with the project packages!  If you have any questions or (sensible) comments, feel free to leave them below!

If you feel that any of this source code infringes on your copyright, and you would like to discuss removing any of these packages, feel free to contact me.  Thanks!