Honorary Doctorate from the University of Derby

May 26, 2020 | By

Last year, around July time, I was given the incredible honor of “Doctor of The University”, from the University of Derby, for my years of service in the video game mines. Because I’m a bit of a dork, and hardly ever update this site, I never got around to posting about it. I stumbled on my speech video this evening, so thought I’d put it here for posterity.

Looking back and reflecting on the months leading up to the ceremony, it was a really good and positive experience. I was nominated for the award and went through a long approval process before being notified officially that I had been given it. I was surprised and thrilled and excited at the prospect of going to England to participate in all the pomp and ceremony, including a formal dinner with the Mayor and other dignitaries, and accept the award in person.

Sadly, because I need a chaperone to travel, and the truly nightmare logistics of getting all the way there, and then being there and getting around, I just couldn’t do it. I think, if I’d really tried hard, I could have swung it and pusuaded someone to go with me, but I took the safe route and stayed home instead. There is some irony here, as the video speech I sent over in my stead, talks about being fearless and living your life to the full. To be honest, it was more a question of comfort than fear for me, but I do regret not going. I think it would have been an incredible experience. Oh well.

Here’s the video of my speech from the ceremony. Enjoy!

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