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Chris Shrigley 2019
Chris Shrigley 2019

Hi, my name is Chris Shrigley. I’m a coder, thinker, entrepreneur, and mentor, with over 30 years of experience making games. I’ve worked on, programmed, and created more than 50 commercially published games over the years, on almost every platform since the early 1980s. I’ve worked for, and help found, some of the most successful games companies in the World. My entire adult life so far, has been about making and playing game, and I hope the rest of it is the same!

I’m currently “retired”, and ironically, working harder than I ever have. I mostly work on my own projects and let myself go where my interests take me. I’m probably working on some hare-brained game project as you read this.

Shrigley.com is my personal website, and is a place for me to muse and rant and share the things I’m thinking about or working on.  I am quite friendly, and always happy to meet new and interesting people, so don’t be shy and say hello!

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