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Pub Quest (C64) BASIC Listing

March 19, 2019 | By | Add a Comment

Pub Quest Box ArtThis is possibly the most boring post ever, but I wanted to preserve this silliness for posterity.

This is the listing for the first commercially published game I ever made. It’s called “Pub Quest”, it’s 100% BASIC, and I wrote it in 1983. The game was published by a Dream Software based in Basingstoke. They were a nice bunch and I met them once at ECTS way-back-when. I wrote another text adventure called “Mad House”, that used a disk based database (very swish) and was massive with 100s of locations. Sadly Dream Software when bust before it got published and the game was lost forever.

Looking through the listing, all I can say is, it’s pretty crap code. Enjoy!


1 rem "tttttt ***** (c) c.p.shrigley 1983 *****
2 rem "tttttt
3 rem "tttttt
5 poke 774,248: poke 775,252: poke 808,230
7 poke 53272,21: poke 53280,5: poke 53281,11: print chr$(8): gosub 8000: ss=1: bc=15
9 poke 650,128: print"“": poke 53281,1: poke 53280,15: dim co$(13): sc=0: nn=30: t=0
10 poke 53272,22: print chr$(8): r=1: dim r$(87),ob$(32),o$(32),o(32),de$(87): gosub 5000
20 print"“"
30 if (r=32 or (r>=23 and r<=30) or r>38) and t=0 then kk=1: goto 50
40 kk=0
50 if kk=1 then print"£qqGosh isn't it dark in here.": goto 155
90 if f2=1 then 155
100 print"You're "; r$(r)
101 gosub 16010
110 print"‘qYou can see : q"
120 for i=1 to nn: if o(i)=r then print ob$(i): f1=1
130 next: if f1=1 then f1=0: goto 150
140 print"Nothing of any use to you here.": goto 151
150 print"qhere.": f1=0
151 print"•qExits are : ";
152 gosub 2900
155 if r=31 then print"qYou have failed. Thanks for playing.": goto 2408
156 if du>2 then poke 198,0: gosub 4600
158 if ti$>tl$ then tl=1
159 if tl=1 then tl=0: gosub 3300
160 print"£qqWhat shall I do ?": print">–";
165 in$="": bb$=""
170 gosub 20000
175 if rt=1 then rt=0: goto 159
180 for i=1 to len(in$): if mid$(in$,i,1)=" " then ch=i: l1=1
190 next: if l1=0 then 196
195 bb$=mid$(in$,ch+1,(len(in$)-ch+1)): l1=0: in$=left$(in$,(len(in$)-len(bb$))-1)
196 gosub 22000
200 if in$="n" or in$="north" then a=1: gosub 1000: goto 999
210 if in$="s" or in$="south" then a=3: gosub 1000: goto 999
220 if in$="e" or in$="east" then a=5: gosub 1000: goto 999
230 if in$="w" or in$="west" then a=7: gosub 1000: goto 999
240 if in$="take" or in$="get" then gosub 1100: goto 999
241 if in$="eat" then gosub 4900: goto 999
242 if in$="drive" then gosub 10020: goto 999
243 if in$="pay" then gosub 10700: goto 999
244 if in$="steal" then print"I'm no thief!": f2=1: goto 999
245 if left$(bb$,3)="cup" then gosub 4650: goto 999
246 if bb$="car" then gosub 4700: goto 999
247 if left$(bb$,3)="com" then gosub 4710: goto 999
248 if in$="climb" then gosub 4800: goto 999
249 if in$="jump" then gosub 4850: goto 999
250 if in$="i" or in$="inv" or in$="inventory" then gosub 1200: goto 999
251 if (in$="walk" and r=6) and pb=1 then r=7: un=0: f2=0: sc=sc+100: goto 999
260 if in$="look" or in$="l" then f2=0: goto 999
270 if in$="push" or in$="press" then gosub 1300: goto 999
280 if in$="throw" then gosub 1400: goto 999
290 if in$="open" then gosub 1500: goto 999
300 if in$="exam" or in$="examine" then gosub 1600: goto 999:
310 if left$(in$,3)="unl" then gosub 1700: goto 999
320 if in$="drop" then gosub 1800: goto 999
330 if bb$="torch" then gosub 1900: goto 999
380 if bb$="n" or bb$="north" then a=1: gosub 1000: goto 999
390 if bb$="s" or bb$="south" then a=3: gosub 1000: goto 999
400 if bb$="e" or bb$="east" then a=5: gosub 1000: goto 999
410 if bb$="w" or bb$="west" then a=7: gosub 1000: goto 999
420 if in$="buy" then print"£qWhat wiv' ? Buttons ?": f2=1: goto 999
430 if in$="time" then gosub 2000: goto 999
440 if bb$="glove" then gosub 2100: goto 999
450 if bb$="something" or in$="something" then gosub 2130: goto 999
460 if bb$="bed" then gosub 2200: goto 999
470 if in$="read" then gosub 2300: goto 999
480 if in$="quit" then gosub 2400: goto 999
490 if in$="help" then gosub 2600: goto 999
500 if in$="rub" then gosub 2700: goto 999
510 if in$="light" then gosub 3500: goto 999
520 if in$="tie" then gosub 3600: goto 999
530 if in$="fill" then gosub 3700: goto 999
550 if in$="wear" then gosub 3800: goto 999
560 if in$="save" then gosub 4000: goto 999
570 if in$="load" then gosub 4100: goto 999
580 if in$="list" then gosub 4300: goto 999
590 if in$="function" or in$="func" then gosub 4400: goto 999
600 if in$="border" then gosub 7500: goto 999
610 if in$="screen" then gosub 7530: goto 999
620 if in$="command" then gosub 7550: goto 999
630 if in$="smash" or in$="break" or in$="kill" then gosub 7800: goto 999
650 if in$="score" then gosub 7950: goto 999
670 if in$="freeze" then gosub 10500: goto 999
998 print"I'm afraid I didn't understand that": du=du+1: f2=1: goto 90
999 du=0: goto 30
1000 a$=mid$(de$(r),a,2): ct=ct+1: if lf=1 then 1002
1001 if ct>25 and t=1 then tc=1: t=0: ct=0: print"£qYour light source has run out.": f2=1: return
1002 if val(a$)=0 then p=1: goto 1027
1003 if (r=6 and hh=1) and a=3 then un=0: goto 1022
1004 if (r=6 and hh<>1) and a=3 then 1027
1005 if (r=2 or r=20) and a=7 then gosub 6020: goto 1013
1006 if ((r=2 or r=20) and un=1) and a=7 then goto1022
1007 cc=0
1008 if t=0 then ct=0
1009 if r=3 and a=7 then gosub 6000: goto 1013
1010 if (r=3 and un=1) and a=7 then goto1022
1011 gosub 3000: if bo=1 then bo=0: goto 1027
1012 cc=0
1013 if cc=1 then cc=0: goto 1022
1014 if cc=2 then cc=0: goto 1022
1015 if cc=3 then cc=0: if un<>1 then 1030
1016 if (r=61 and a=5) and pe=0 then print"q£You've fallen down the crevasse.": r=31: goto 155
1017 if (r=73 and so=0) and a>2 then print"£qYou've been asphixiated by the gas.": r=31: goto 155
1018 if (o(12)=0 and r=39) and a=7 then gosub 3900
1019 if (r=32 or (r>=23 and r<=30) or r>38) and t=0 then mo=mo+1: print"q£It's dark,you might fall"
1020 if mo>4 then mo=0: print"£qOh dear,It looks as though you've fallen": r=31: goto 155
1022 if un=1 and r=3 then sc=sc+50
1023 r=val(a$)
1024 f2=0: return
1027 if p=1 then p=0: print"—qI'm afraid you can't go that way": f2=1: return
1028 if r=6 then print"£That's to dangerous.You might get splattered.": f2=1: return
1029 if r=19 then f2=1: return
1030 print"—qYou've just walked into a locked door": f2=1: return
1100 if bb$="spider" and r=62 then gosub 3080: f2=1: return
1110 for p=1 to nn: if o$(p)=bb$ and o(p)=r then dd=p: goto 1160
1130 next
1131 for p=1 to nn: if o$(p)=bb$ and o(p)<>r then print"—I don't see one here.": f2=1: return
1132 next
1135 if bb$="" then bb$="thingy"
1140 print"—To ";in$;" a ";chr$(34);bb$;chr$(34);" is beyond my power.": f2=1: return
1160 if no>5 then print"—I can't carry anything else.": f2=1: return
1161 if o$(dd)=bb$ and no<=5 then print"O.K.": ok=1: no=no+1
1163 if ok=1 then ok=0: o(dd)=0: f2=1: return
1165 print"—qWhat's a ";chr$(34);bb$;chr$(34): f2=1: return
1200 ff=0: print"—“You're carrying : q"
1210 for i=1 to nn: if o(i)=0 then print ob$(i): ff=1
1220 next
1230 if ff=0 then print"nothing at all.": f2=1: return
1240 if ff=1 then ff=0: f2=1: return
1300 if bb$="button" then 1320
1310 print"£Wow, that really helped.": f2=1: return
1320 if (o(9)=0 and r=6) and wg=1 then goto 1360
1325 if r=6 then goto 1330
1326 print"£qI don't see a button here.": f2=1: return
1330 print"£“You press the red button and a nasty poison spike sticks into"
1340 print"your thumb.You fall to the floor unconsious."
1350 r=31: goto 155
1355 hh=0: f2=1: return
1360 print"you press the red button and a little sign lights up above your head
1370 print"It says ‘r'WALK NOW'’"
1380 pb=1: hh=1: f2=1: sc=sc+500: return
1400 if bb$="" then print"£qThrow what ";: input"]]]*";bb$: print
1401 rn=8+(int(rnd(1)*8)+1)
1402 if bb$="slab" and (r<>18 and r<>33) and o(3)=0 then o(3)=rn: print"O.K.": f2=1: return
1403 if (r=44 or r=72) and bb$="canister" then gosub 3090
1404 if ca=1 then ca=0: f2=1: return
1405 if r=18 and bb$="slab" and o(3)=0 and cv=0 then goto 1470
1407 if r=33 and bb$="slab" and o(3)=0 and cj=0 then goto 1490
1415 for i=1 to nn: if bb$=o$(i) and o(i)=0 then bb=i: s=1
1420 next
1425 if s<>1 then 1440
1430 s=0: gosub 1492: o(bb)=r: print"O.K.": no=no-1
1431 if bb=4 then t=0
1432 if bb=5 then t=0
1433 if bb=26 then so=0
1439 f2=1: return
1440 print"£I can't throw something I haven't got.": f2=1: return
1470 print"£“The paving slab lands in the mine field. There is a deafening ";
1480 print"explosion and rubble showers down all around.": o(16)=r: et=1: cv=1
1485 if et=1 then et=0: sc=sc+500: f2=1: return
1490 print"“The paving slab rips into the side of the shed leaving a gaping hole"
1491 o(15)=r: de$(33)="22350000": sc=sc+500: cj=1: f2=1: return
1492 if bb$="hook" or bb$="rope" then 1494
1493 f2=1: return
1494 if ((o(19)=0 and o(11)=0) and pe=1) and r=61 then 1496
1495 o(19)=r: o(11)=r: pe=0: f2=1: return
1496 print"£qThe hook and rope sails through the air and catches on an outcrop ";
1497 print"of rock on the far side of the cravass."
1498 print"qIt looks safe to cross."
1499 sc=sc+200: f2=1: return
1500 if bb$<>"door" then 1520
1501 if un=1 then goto 1700
1502 if bb$="door" and o(1)=0 or o(2)=0 then print"£qTry unlocking it first.": gg=1
1505 if gg=1 then gg=0: f2=1: return
1510 if bb$="door" and o(1)<>0 or o(2)<>0 then print"£qYou could unlock it IF you had a KEY"
1515 f2=1: return
1520 if bb$<>"book" then print"£You can't open a ";bb$;".": f2=1: return
1521 if bb$="book" and o(8)=0 then z=1: print"£qThe book falls open and you see the word"
1522 if z=1 then print" rTOILET’ IS A RELIEVING WORD.": sc=sc+100: f2=1: return
1530 print"£qYou don't have a book.": f2=1: return:
1540 f2=1: return
1600 if bb$="self" or bb$="yourself" or bb$="you" then 1620
1601 if bb$="me" then print"œI seem to be a COMMODORE 64.": f2=1: return
1602 if bb$="card" then 1692
1604 if bb$="button" then 1651
1605 if bb$="bar" then 1680
1607 for i=1 to nn
1608 if o$(i)=bb$ and o(i)<>0 then print"œYou haven't got a ";bb$: f2=1: return
1609 next
1610 for i=1 to nn
1611 if o$(i)=bb$ and o(i)=0 then print"œThe ";bb$;" looks normal to me.": f2=1: return
1612 next
1613 for i=1 to nn
1614 if o$(i)=bb$ and o(i)<>r then ew=1
1615 if ew=1 then ew=0: print"œI can't examine something I havn't got": f2=1: return
1616 next:
1617 if bb$="" then print"œEverything looks very normal to me.": f2=1: return
1618 print"The ";bb$;" looks rather like a ": print bb$;" to me.": f2=1: return
1620 if pp=0 then print"qYou begin to rummage through your q pockets, ";
1630 if pp=0 then print"'WHAT'S THIS' you cry, q 'A KEY ?'"
1632 if pp=1 then print"qœYou rummage through your pockets and find nothing.": po=1
1633 if po=1 then f2=1: po=0: return
1640 o(2)=0: sc=sc+300: pp=1
1645 f2=1: return
1650 if lc=1 then print"šIt's already unlocked.": f2=1: return
1651 if r<>6 then print"I don't see a button here.": f2=1: return
1660 print"A torn note hangs from the button.It reads : 'FOR SAFE CROSSING ";
1670 print"WEAR ....' The rest of the note is missing.": f2=1: return
1680 if r<>2 then print"œqThere isn't a bar here.": f2=1: return
1681 if r=2 then print"£qThere's a sign on the bar that says : ": br=1
1682 if br=1 then br=0: goto 1690
1690 print"œq]]]]]]]r'WE TAKE AMERICAN EXPRESS'’": sc=sc+100: f2=1: return
1692 if o(13)=0 then print"£qThe word r'BARCLAYCARD'’ is written across it": cr=1
1694 if cr=1 then cr=0: f2=1: return:
1695 if cr=0 then print"You haven't got a card.": f2=1: return
1696 gosub 1684: return
1700 if un=1 then 1705
1701 if r=2 and o(1)=0 then un=1: goto 1720
1702 if r=20 and o(2)=0 then un=1: goto 1730
1703 if r=2 or r=20 then 1710
1704 if r<>2 or r<>20 then print"šDon't be silly.": f2=1: return
1705 print"œIt has already been ";in$;"ed.": f2=1: return
1710 print"œYou don't have the key.": f2=1: return
1720 print"—The door swings open to reveal the gentstoilets": sc=sc+200: f2=1: return
1730 print"—The door swings open to reveal a large hallway": f2=1: return
1800 if bb$="" then print"£qDrop what ";: input"]]]*";bb$: print
1801 if (r=44 or r=72) and bb$="canister" then gosub 3120
1802 if cx=1 then cx=0: f2=1: goto 155
1804 if (bb$="bottle" and r=25) and o(7)=0 then gosub 2140
1805 if bb$="glove" then wg=0: goto 1810
1807 if bb$="all" then gosub 4950: f2=1: no=0: return
1810 for i=1 to nn: if o$(i)=bb$ and o(i)=0 then dd=i: jp=1
1814 next:
1816 if jp=1 then jp=0: goto 1840
1818 print"£I can't drop something I haven't got.": f2=1: return
1840 o(dd)=r: f2=1: print"O.K.": no=no-1
1845 if r=84 then f2=1: return
1850 if dd=4 then t=0
1851 if dd=5 then t=0
1852 if dd=26 then so=0
1853 if r>38 and r<86 then print"£The ";o$(dd);" is carried away ": et=1
1854 if et=1 then et=0: print"into the depths of the sewer system by the ";: et=1
1855 if et=1 then et=0: print"strong flow of sewage.": o(dd)=38+int(rnd(1)*45)+1
1856 if r=86 then print"£The ";o$(dd);" is lost in the ": et=1
1857 if et=1 then et=0: print"thick branches.": o(dd)=85
1860 return
1900 if tc=1 then print"£qYou can't do that with a melted torch.": f2=1: return
1905 if (in$="on" and o(4)=0) and t=1 then 1992
1906 if in$="on" and o(4)=0 then 1950
1910 if (in$="off" and o(4)=0) and t=0 then 1995
1912 if in$="off" and o(4)=0 then 1970
1920 if in$="light" and o(4)=0 then 1990
1930 if (in$="on" or in$="off" or in$="light") and o(4)<>0 then tu=1
1932 if tu=1 then tu=0: print"£qYou don't have the torch.": f2=1: return
1940 print"£qYou can't do that with a torch": f2=1: return
1950 print"£qO.K. the torch is now on.": t=1: f2=1: return:
1970 print"£qO.K. the torch is now off.": t=0: f2=1: ct=0: return
1990 print"£qYou hear a strange sizzleing noise and your torch melts in your hands."
1991 tc=1: t=0: f2=1: ct=0: ob$(4)="a melted torch": return
1992 print"£qThe torch is already on.": f2=1: return
1995 print"£qThe torch is already off.": f2=1: return
2000 print"œqqYou've been playing : "
2010 ho=val(mid$(ti$,1,2))
2020 mi=val(mid$(ti$,3,2))
2030 print"—q";ho;" HOURS & ";mi;" MINUTES.": f2=1: return
2100 if wg=1 and in$="wear" then print"ŸYou're already wearing it.": f2=1: return
2102 if in$="wear" and o(9)=0 then wg=1: print"£qYou are now wearing the glove.": ww=1
2105 if ww=1 then ww=0: sc=sc+200: f2=1: return
2110 gosub 9000: return
2130 if r=25 then print"The tramp smiles and asks for a drink.": so=1: sc=sc+200: f2=1: return
2140 if so=1 then print"The tramp is very happy and lets you pass.": r=36: sc=sc+200: return
2150 print"The tramp doesn't want a drink YET.": f2=1: return:
2200 if in$="enter" and r=30 then 2240
2210 if in$<>"exit" then gosub 9000: f2=1: return
2215 if ob=1 then print"£qYou're not in bed.": f2=1: return
2220 if ib=1 and r=30 or r=84 then ob=1: print"You leave the bed after a refreshing sleep."
2222 sc=sc+200: o(21)=30: r=30
2230 f2=1: return:
2240 if ib=1 then print"£qYou lasy thingy ! You're not sleeping again.": f2=1: return
2250 if o(8)=0 then ib=1: print"You get into bed and settle down to sleep": r=84: f6=1
2255 if f6=1 then f2=1: sc=sc+50: f6=0: return
2260 print"£qYou get into the bed only to find a hugesnake keeping you company."
2270 print"The snake strikes and you pass out.": r=31: goto 155
2300 if bb$="book" then gosub 1500: f2=1: return
2310 gosub 9000: f2=1: return
2400 print"“œqARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO QUIT ?"
2402 input qu$
2404 if left$(qu$,1)="y" then 2408
2406 if left$(qu$,1)="n" then f2=1: return
2408 print"qqœr <ANY KEY TO CONTINUE> ’"
2409 get a$: if a$="" then 2409
2410 print"“"
2420 gosub 7950:
2450 gosub 2000: goto 4500
2500 if th<>1 then p=1: return
2600 if r=61 then print"œqrTry for the long shot.’": f2=1: return
2610 if r=44 or r=72 then print"œqrBandit to rid the sewer.’": f2=1: return
2620 print"œqrWho's playing this game,me or you ?’": f2=1: return
2700 print"—Nothing happened.": f2=1: return
2900 g=1: for i=1 to 8 step 2: qw$=mid$(de$(r),i,2)
2910 if val(qw$)<>0 then print d$(g);",";: f7=1
2920 g=g+1
2930 next: if f7=0 then print"none ";
2940 f7=0: print".": f2=1: return
3000 if r=33 and o(15)<>33 and a=3 then bo=1: return
3001 if r=18 and o(16)<>18 and a=3 then x=1: print"“£qYou enter the mine field detonating a"
3002 if x=1 then x=0: goto 3004
3003 goto 3006
3004 print"mine.You explode into little bits and make a terrible mess."
3005 r=31: goto 155
3006 if r=25 and (so=0 or o(7)<>r) and a=7 then print"£qThe tramp won't let you.": goto 999
3007 for i=1 to nn: if o(i)=0 then ci=ci+1
3010 next
3020 if (r=19 and a=5) and ci>3 then print"“q£A little man dressed in a boiler suit";: ws=1
3025 if ws=1 then ws=0: ci=0: goto 3030
3026 sc=sc+100: ci=0: goto 3064
3030 print" jumps out of the hole and says : ":
3050 print"qthen he jumps back in muttering"
3060 print"something about safety precautions.": f2=1: bo=1: return
3064 if (r=44 or r=72) and pc=0 then print"£qYou're attacked by savage rats": r=31: goto 155
3070 f2=1: return:
3080 print"£qYou try to ";in$;" the spider,but it ";in$;"s you instead.": r=31: return
3090 if o(21)=0 then f=1: print"£qYou throw the smoke canister into the mass of rats,";
3095 if f=0 then return
3100 print"it explodes into a cloud ofsmoke and the rats flee in all "
3110 print"directions.They are still here but it's safe to pass.": ca=1: pc=1
3115 o(21)=85: f2=1: f=0: return
3120 print"£qYou drop the canister and it envelopes you in choking smoke.": r=31
3130 cx=1: return
3300 print"£“I'm afraid your time is up.The debt collectors are here to take";
3310 print" you away.Youhave failed.Bad luck.": r=31: dh=1: goto 155
3500 if nm=1 and bb$="lamp" then print"£qYou have nowt to light it with.": f2=1: return
3510 if ((bb$="lamp" and o(5)=0) and o(6)=0) and r>=39 then 3590:
3515 if (bb$="lamp" and o(5)=0) and o(6)=0 then 3550
3520 if (bb$="matches" and o(6)=0) and nm=0 then 3580
3530 print"£qI'm no arsonist.": f2=1: return
3550 if t=1 then print"£qThe lamp is already lit.": f2=1: return
3560 print"£qO.K. The lamp is now lit.": t=1: sc=sc+100: f2=1
3580 print"£qA blaze of light and no matches left.": nm=1: f2=1: o(6)=85: return
3590 print"£qAs you light the lamp you ignite a cloudof smelly gas."
3592 print"£You explode into little bits.": r=31: goto 155
3600 if (bb$="rope" and o(11)=0) and o(19)=0 then 3650
3610 if (bb$="hook" and o(11)=0) and o(19)=0 then 3670
3620 print"£qI see nothing to tie the ";bb$;" to.": f2=1: return
3650 if pe=1 then gosub 9050: return
3660 print"£qThe rope is now securely tied to the hook.": pe=1: sc=sc+200: f2=1: return
3670 if pe=1 then gosub 9050: return
3680 print"£qThe hook is now securely tied to the rope.": pe=1: f2=1: return
3700 if lf=1 then print"£qThe lamp is already full.": f2=1: return
3705 if o(22)=0 and o(5)=0 then 3750:
3710 if o(22)=0 then print"£qYou can't fill something you haven't got": f2=1: return
3720 if o(5)=0 then print"£qYou've got nowt to fill it with.": f2=1: return
3730 print"£qFill what ?": f2=1: return
3750 print"£qThe lamp is now full of oil."jf=1: lf=1: sc=sc+500: f2=1: ct=0: return
3800 if in$="wear" then 3830
3810 gosub 9000: return
3830 if o(26)=0 then so=1: print"£qO.K. You're now wearing the suit.": sc=sc+200: f2=1: return
3840 print"£qYou don't have a ";bb$;".": f2=1: return
3900 for i=1 to nn: if o(i)=0 then df=df+1
3901 next
3902 if df>1 then f4=1: df=0
3903 if f4=1 then f4=0: goto 3905
3904 df=0: f2=1: return
3905 print"“œqAnother little man jumps out from behind a wall an says : "
3910 print"q£'Ahhh ! It's you again,I'm afraid you can only take one object ";
3920 print"out of the sewers with you'œq"
3930 print" then he jumps back and dissapears.": f2=1: df=0: goto 999
4000 print"“Do you want to save current game (Y/N)"
4010 input yn$: if yn$="y" then 4026:
4015 if yn$="n" and dh=1 then 4095
4020 if yn$="n" then f2=0: return
4025 goto 4000
4026 print"qInsert game tape into the tape & press r*’"
4027 get sp$: if sp$="" then 4027
4028 if sp$<>"*" then 4027
4030 print"Please type in name of current game : "
4035 in$=""
4040 gosub 20000
4041 print"q£Is ";chr$(34);in$;chr$(34);" the correct title (Y/N) ?"
4042 get yn$: if yn$="" then 4042
4043 if yn$="y" then 4050
4044 if yn$="n" then in$="": print"‘ ‘‘‘‘‘";: goto 4030
4045 if yn$<>"y" or yn$<>"n" then 4042:
4050 open 1,1,1,in$
4060 gosub 30050
4065 for i=1 to 8: print#1,f$(i): print#1,f(i): next
4070 for i=1 to nn
4080 print#1,o(i)
4090 next: print#1,"stop": close1
4093 print"qqqq]]]]]]]]]O.K. GAME ";chr$(34);in$;chr$(34);" SAVED"
4094 gosub 17000
4095 if dh=1 then print"qq]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]goodbye!!": poke808,237: end: rem poke115,96
4096 gosub 17100
4099 f2=1: return:
4100 print"“Do you want to load a game (Y/N)"
4110 input yn$: if yn$="y" then 4126
4120 if yn$="n" then f2=0: return
4125 goto 4100
4126 print"qInsert game tape into the tape & press r*’"
4127 getsp$: if sp$="" then 4127
4128 if sp$<>"*" then 4127
4130 print"Please type in name of game to load : "
4135 in$=""
4140 gosub 20000
4141 print"q£Is ";chr$(34);in$;chr$(34);" the correct title (Y/N) ?"
4142 get yn$: if yn$="" then 4142
4143 if yn$="y" then 4150
4144 if yn$="n" then in$="": print"‘ ‘‘‘‘‘";: goto 4130
4145 if yn$<>"y" or yn$<>"n" then 4142
4150 open 1,1,0,in$
4160 gosub 30000
4165 for i=1 to 8: input#1,f$(i): input#1,f(i): next
4170 for i=1 to nn
4180 input#1,o(i)
4190 next: input#1,a$: if a$="stop" then close1
4191 gosub 17000
4195 print: print"qqqq]]]]]]]]O.K. GAME ";chr$(34);in$;chr$(34);" LOADED"
4196 gosub 17100
4199 f2=1: return
4230 return
4300 for i=1 to 8: if f(i)=1 then print"‘<R> ";: gb=1
4304 if gb=0 then print" ";
4305 print rm$(i);f$(i)
4310 if gb=0 then print;
4315 if gb=1 then gb=0
4320 next
4330 f2=1: return
4400 print"“"
4405 input"œDefine function key (1-8)";a
4410 if a>8 or a<1 then print"q£function keys 1 to 8 only please.q": goto 4405
4420 input"œqType in required function ";f$(a)
4430 input"qDo you want auto-return (Y/N) ";yn$
4440 if left$(yn$,1)="y" then f(a)=1: f2=1: return
4450 f$(a)=f$(a)+" ": f(a)=0: f2=1: return
4500 input"qDo you want to play again ]]]*";pl$
4510 if pl$="y" then 4530:
4520 if pl$="n" then dh=1: goto 4000
4530 clr: restore: goto 1
4600 print"qLook mate,either you're being very silly,or you haven't ";
4605 print"got the slightest idea of how to play an adventure game."
4610 print"q‘Now which is it (rS’illy - rN’o idea) ?"
4615 in$="": gosub 20000
4620 if left$(in$,1)="s" then gosub 20500: f2=1: du=0: return
4630 if left$(in$,1)="n" then gosub 21000: f2=1: du=0: return
4640 print"£q So you are being silly.": in$="s": goto 4620
4650 if lc=1 then 1705
4651 if r<>3 then print"—I don't see a cupboard.": f2=1: return
4652 if in$="open" then print"—The cupboard door won't move.": f2=1: return
4654 if in$="unlock" and o(2)=0 then 4670
4656 if in$="unlock" and o(2)<>0 and o(1)<>0 then print"—You don't have the key.": f2=1: return
4657 if in$="unlock" and o(1)=0 then print"—The key doesn't fit.": f2=1: return
4658 if left$(in$,4)="exam" then et=1
4660 if et=1 then et=0: print"—The cupboard seems to be locked.": f2=1: return:
4662 gosub 9000: f2=1: return
4670 de$(3)="00000232": r$(3)=r$(3)+".The cupboard isopen.": sc=sc+100
4675 print"—O.K. The cupboard is now unlocked.": sc=sc+500: f2=1: lc=1: return
4700 if r<>5 and r<>4 then print"—I don't see a car here.": f2=1: return
4701 if r=4 and left$(in$,4)="exam" then print"—The car is big,black and shiny.": f2=1: return
4702 if left$(in$,4)="exam" then print"—There is a glove compartment here.": f2=1: et=1
4704 if et=1 then et=0: o(27)=r: f2=1: return
4706 gosub 9000: f2=1: return
4710 if o(27)<>r then print"—I can't see a compartment here.": f2=1: return
4712 if in$="open" and tf=0 then print"—A torch falls out.": f2=1: tf=1: o(4)=r: sc=sc+200: return
4714 if left$(in$,4)="exam" and tf=0 then print"—There's something in there.": f2=1: return
4715 if left$(in$,4)="exam" and tf=1 then print"—There's nothing in there.": f2=1: return
4716 if in$="break" or in$="smash" then print"—You little vandal !": f2=1: return
4717 if in$="open" and tf=1 then print"—The glove compartment is already open.": f2=1: return
4718 gosub 9000: f2=1: return:
4800 if r=38 and bb$="tree" then print"O.K.": r=86: sc=sc+300: f2=1: return
4848 print"—My name is not Spider man !": f2=1: return
4850 if r=86 and o(30)=38 then print"—You sail through the air and land safely";: et=1
4852 if et=1 then et=0: print"on the mattress.": r=38: f2=1: return
4854 if r=86 and o(30)<>38 then print"—You sail through the air and land SPLATT";: et=1
4856 if et=1 then et=0: print"on the ground below.": r=31: goto 155
4858 if r>38 then print"—œDon't you think that's a bit dangerous.": f2=1: return
4859 print"I don't see anything to jump.": f2=1: return
4900 if bb$="apple" and o(29)=0 and r=86 then et=1: jm=0
4902 if et=1 then et=0: print"—You take a big,greedy byte from the apple";: et=1
4904 if et=1 then et=0: print" but you suddenly notice from the corner of your";: et=1
4906 if et=1 then et=0: print" eye something that must have come from a horror";: et=1
4908 if et=1 then et=0: print" film...ARGHHH !!You scream as the worm";: et=1:
4910 if et=1 then et=0: print" crawls towards you.Your stomach suddenly ";: et=1
4911 if et=1 then et=0: print"decides to come up for a drop of fresh air.";: et=1
4912 if et=1 then et=0: print"You release another agonizing scream as you crash ";: et=1
4915 if jm=1 then jm=0: print"to the floor clutching your throat.": jm=1
4916 if jm=1 then jm=0: r=31: goto 155
4917 if et=1 then et=0: print"Through the branches of the tree. The ";: et=1
4918 if et=1 then et=0: print"very,very hard ground rushes towardsyou ";: et=1
4919 if et=1 then et=0: print"at a very,very alarming rate.You hitthe ";: et=1
4920 if et=1 then et=0: print"ground with a bone crunchin' THUD!!!‘‘": r=31: goto 155
4930 if bb$="apple" and o(29)=0 then et=1: jm=1: goto 4900
4940 print"œYou'll surely break your teeth!": f2=1: return
4950 et=0: for i=1 to nn: if o(i)=0 then o(i)=r: et=1
4952 next:
4953 if r>38 and r<77 and et=1 then goto4956
4954 if et=1 then et=0: print"œO.K. ";
4955 goto4970
4956 if et=1 then et=0: print"q—All your objects are carried off by the ";: et=1
4958 if et=1 then et=0: print"strong flow of sewage,into the depths ofthe";: et=1
4960 if et=1 then et=0: print" sewer system.": et=1
4962 if et=1 then et=0: for i=1 to nn: if o(i)=r then o(i)=38+int(rnd(1)*38)+1: et=1
4964 next
4966 if et=1 then et=0: f2=1: return
4970 if et=0 then print"—You're not carrying anything.": f2=1: return
5000 r$(1)="standing on a pavement running east-west along a busy main road."
5002 r$(1)=r$(1)+"To the north there is a pub which looks very welcoming"
5004 r$(2)="standing inside the pub next to the bar,there's a door to the west"
5005 r$(2)=r$(2)+" and asign above the bar that says: "+chr$(13)
5006 r$(2)=r$(2)+"r'WELCOME TO THE CHEQUERED FLAG INN'’"
5007 r$(3)="in the gents toilets,on the west wall there is a cupboard"
5008 r$(4)="standing next to a parked car ":
5010 r$(5)="inside the parked car.The car is very expensive looking"
5012 r$(6)="standing in front of a pelican crossing there is a red button "
5014 r$(7)="on the other side of the busy main road"
5016 r$(8)="standing on a very rough piece of pavement":
5018 r$(9)="on a desolate waste ground, all about is horrid, bleak wilderness"
5020 r$(10)=r$(9): r$(11)=r$(9): r$(12)=r$(9): r$(13)=r$(9): r$(14)=r$(9)
5022 r$(15)=r$(9): r$(16)=r$(9): r$(17)=r$(9)
5024 r$(18)="next to a sign which says : "
5025 r$(18)=r$(18)+" qr'DANGER MINE FIELD'’":
5026 r$(19)="standing next to a huge bomb crater all about there is rubble"
5028 r$(20)="standing in front of an old, dirty, derelict house"
5029 r$(20)=r$(20)+".A huge doorway looms ominously before you."
5030 r$(21)="standing in the front garden. (Gosh what a mess)"
5032 r$(22)="standing in the back garden, to the south there is an old shed"
5034 r$(23)="inside the house standing in a grotty hallway."
5036 r$(24)="in a big living room there are cobwebs everywhere (Yuk)"
5038 r$(25)="nearly in a huge kitchen. There is a tramp sitting here, he says"
5040 r$(25)=r$(25)+" 'Hello,say something to me and I'll let you pass'"
5042 r$(26)="standing at the bottom of a small flight of stairs"
5044 r$(27)="on a small landing at the top of the flight of stairs you've just "
5046 r$(27)=r$(27)+"come up":
5048 r$(28)="inside a big white bathroom "
5050 r$(29)="standing in a small,pokey,little bedroom there is a bed "
5052 r$(29)=r$(29)+"in the middle,youmust be feeling very,very tired"
5054 r$(30)=r$(29)
5056 r$(31)="lying in the middle of the busy main road "
5058 r$(31)=r$(31)+"There seem to be strange marks across your body "
5060 r$(32)="standing inside a big cupboard "
5062 r$(33)="standing outside the shed, there doesn't seem to be an entrance"
5064 r$(34)="looking inside a deep, dark pocket"
5065 r$(38)="standing in the pub's car park"
5066 r$(35)="inside the old garden shed"
5068 r$(36)="in the big kitchen, the tramp is smiling"
5070 ob$(1)="a shiny brass key": o$(1)="key": o(1)=86
5080 ob$(2)="a dull brass key": o$(2)="key": o(2)=34:
5090 ob$(3)="a piece of broken paving slab": o$(3)="slab": o(3)=8
5100 ob$(4)="a torch": o$(4)="torch": o(4)=85
5110 ob$(5)="an old lamp": o$(5)="lamp": o(5)=35
5120 ob$(6)="a box of matches": o$(6)="matches": o(6)=11
5130 ob$(7)="a bottle wrapped in brown paper": o$(7)="bottle": o(7)=19:
5140 ob$(8)="a book called : 'BEDTIME STORIES'": o$(8)="book": o(8)=36
5145 ob$(9)="a strong leather glove": o$(9)="glove": o(9)=32
5146 d$(1)="north": d$(2)="south": d$(3)="east": d$(4)="west":
5150 de$(1)="02310406"
5160 de$(2)="00010003"
5170 de$(3)="00000200"
5180 de$(4)="00050001":
5190 de$(5)="04000000"
5200 de$(6)="00070138"
5210 de$(7)="06090800"
5220 de$(8)="31000007"
5230 de$(9)="07121000"
5240 de$(10)="00131109"
5250 de$(11)="00140010"
5260 de$(12)="09151300":
5270 de$(13)="10161412"
5280 de$(14)="11170013"
5290 de$(15)="12001620"
5300 de$(16)="13001715"
5310 de$(17)="14180016"
5320 de$(18)="17190000"
5330 de$(19)="18003900":
5340 de$(20)="21221523"
5350 de$(21)="00200000"
5360 de$(22)="20330000"
5370 de$(23)="24262025"
5380 de$(24)="00230000":
5390 de$(25)="00222336"
5400 de$(26)="23000027"
5410 de$(27)="29302628"
5420 de$(28)="00002700"
5430 de$(29)="00270000"
5435 de$(30)="27000000":
5440 de$(31)="00000000"
5450 de$(32)="00000300"
5460 de$(33)="22000000"
5470 de$(34)="00000000"
5480 de$(35)="33000000"
5490 de$(36)="00002500"
5500 de$(37)="00000000"
5510 de$(38)="00000600":
5520 r$(39)="in the smelly,horrid,dark sewers"
5530 for i=40 to 80: r$(i)=r$(39): next
5540 ob$(10)="a crisp new fifty pound note": o$(10)="note": o(10)=67
5550 ob$(11)="an old oily rope": o$(11)="rope": o(11)=76
5560 ob$(12)="a cheque": o$(12)="cheque": o(12)=64:
5570 ob$(13)="a credit card": o$(13)="card": o(13)=65
5580 ob$(14)="a huge diamond": o$(14)="diamond": o(14)=59
5582 ob$(15)="a hole in the shed": o$(15)="shriggles": o(15)=85
5584 ob$(16)="a broken sign": o$(16)="shriggles": o(16)=85
5585 ob$(17)="a diamond studded bracelet": o$(17)="bracelet": o(17)=26
5586 ob$(18)="a Swiss-army combination knif e": o$(18)="knif e": o(18)=21
5587 ob$(19)="a grappling hook": o$(19)="hook": o(19)=80:
5588 ob$(20)="an old rusty shovel": o$(20)="shovel": o(20)=29:
5589 ob$(21)="a smoke canister": o$(21)="canister": o(21)=85
5600 de$(39)="41004019"
5602 de$(40)="42000039"
5604 de$(41)="43394200":
5606 de$(42)="00400041"
5608 de$(43)="45004441"
5610 de$(44)="46006543"
5611 de$(45)="66434600"
5612 de$(46)="00444845":
5614 de$(47)="49464800"
5616 de$(48)="50000047"
5618 de$(49)="51475000"
5620 de$(50)="51480049"
5622 de$(51)="53005249"
5624 de$(52)="54736851"
5626 de$(53)="00515400"
5628 de$(54)="00525653":
5630 de$(55)="57545600"
5632 de$(56)="58540055"
5634 de$(57)="00555800"
5636 de$(58)="40565957"
5638 de$(59)="00600058":
5640 de$(60)="59006100"
5642 de$(61)="00626360"
5644 de$(62)="61000000"
5646 de$(63)="64636361":
5648 de$(64)="00630000"
5650 de$(65)="00000044"
5652 de$(66)="00450067"
5654 de$(67)="00006600"
5656 de$(68)="00006952":
5658 de$(69)="00007068"
5660 de$(70)="00717469"
5662 de$(71)="70000072"
5664 de$(72)="00777173"
5666 de$(73)="52007200"
5668 de$(74)="74757470":
5670 de$(75)="76757574"
5672 de$(76)="76007675"
5674 de$(77)="72000078"
5676 de$(78)="00797700"
5678 de$(79)="78008000"
5680 de$(80)="00000079":
5685 gosub 8200
5690 print"–“Please type in your time limit qq (r 1 2 OR 3 HOURS ’ ";
5695 print" Default = 1 hour) "
5700 in$="": q$="": print"q]? ";: gosub 20000
5710 if left$(in$,1)="1" then ti$="000000": tl$="010000": return
5720 if left$(in$,1)="2" then ti$="000000": tl$="020000": return
5730 if left$(in$,1)="3" then ti$="000000": tl$="030000": return
5740 ti$="000000": tl$="010000": return
5999 end
6000 if o(2)=0 then cc=1: return
6010 cc=3: return
6020 if o(1)=0 and un=1 then cc=2: return
6030 cc=3: return:
7000 print"“]]]]]]]]]]]r CONGRATULATIONS ’"
7010 print"‘qq]]]]You've managed to solve my first"
7015 print"q adventure 'PUB QUEST'"
7020 print: print"q You have done very well to have solved"
7030 print"q this adventure,if not a little lucky"
7040 print"q We will meet again and next time I "
7050 print"q won't be so friendly"
7060 sc=15000: goto 2408
7400 print"“sqqqqqqqqqq]]] who's a naughty pirate then ?": poke115,96: end
7500 print"—New border colour (0 - 15) ";: input"]]]*";bc
7510 poke 53280,bc: f2=1: return
7530 print"—New screen colour (0 - 15) ";: input"]]]*";ss
7535 poke 53281,ss: f2=1: return
7550 for i=1 to 13: print co$(i): next
7560 f2=1: return
7800 if bb$="" then bb$="thingy"
7805 print in$;"ing a ";bb$;" is a symptom of madness": mp=mp+1: bb$=""
7810 if mp>2 then mp=0: goto 7830
7820 f2=1: return
7830 print"£It seems you are being taken somewhere rather unpleasant by a ";
7840 print"group of men dressed in white coats..."
7850 print"‘You're feeling very dqiq]]zqzq]y."
7860 r=31: goto 155
7950 print"qYour score is ";sc;" out of 15000.":
7952 if sc>15000 then print"—qHey thats an amazing score...": et=1
7954 if et=1 then et=0: print"qšHave you been cheating ?": f2=1: return
7960 print"q‘Your rating is : q"
7962 if sc<=5000 then print"10th..I'd take up crochet if I were you": f2=1: return
7964 if sc<=6000 and sc>5000 then print"9th..Terrible - very amature.": f2=1: return
7966 if sc<=7000 and sc>6000 then print"8th..Very bad - are you being silly ?": f2=1: return
7968 if sc<=8000 and sc>7000 then print"7th..bad - You're getting better.": f2=1: return
7970 if sc<=9000 and sc>8000 then print"6th..not bad - You're getting better.": f2=1:
7972 if sc<=10000 and sc>9000 then print"5th..slightly good - very slightly.": f2=1: return
7974 if sc<=11000 and sc>10000 then print"4th..pretty good - well played.": f2=1: return
7976 if sc<=12000 and sc>11000 then print"3rd..very good - well played.": f2=1: return
7978 if sc<=13000 and sc>12000 then print"2nd..excellent - You're nearly there": f2=1: return
7980 if sc<=15000 and sc>13000 then print"1st..Super - I take back the crochet bit": f2=1: return
7990 f2=1: return
8000 gosub 9100: if in=1 then in=0: return
8001 print"“eq]]]]]]]]]rwelcome to 'pub quest'’qqž":
8002 yu$="deep in the bowels of the local sewer": gosub 8100
8004 yu$="system lies the ultimate challenge": gosub 8100
8006 yu$="it is your job to find the means": gosub 8100
8008 yu$="to pay off your debt at your local": gosub 8100
8010 yu$="pub (pause for fanfare)...i wish": gosub 8100
8011 yu$="you good speed and much luck.": gosub 8100
8012 print"qq]]]]]]]]]]]‘renjoy yourself!!!’"
8020 print"šqqr just tickle the <space bar> to play ";
8030 get im$: if im$="" then 8030
8040 if im$<>" " then 8030
8050 return
8100 lx=len(yu$): if lx/2<>int(lx/2) then yu$=yu$+" ": lx=lx+1
8110 for i=1 to lx/2: print tab(20-i)mid$(yu$,lx/2+1-i,1)chr$(145)
8120 print tab(19+i)mid$(yu$,lx/2+i,1)chr$(145): next: print"q": return
8200 r$(61)="standing on the edge of a huge crevasse.You can just make out the"
8205 r$(61)=r$(61)+" dim outline of an archway on the far side. There doesn't"
8210 r$(61)=r$(61)+" seem to be any way across."
8215 r$(44)="in a cavernous chamber.All about there are red eyes and white "
8220 r$(44)=r$(44)+"fangs.I'm afraid you're slightly surrounded by rats."
8225 r$(72)=r$(44)+" again.":
8230 r$(77)="in the sewer workers rest station"
8232 r$(84)="lying in a nice comfortable bed."
8335 for i=78 to 80: r$(i)=r$(77): next
8340 ob$(22)="a rusty old oil can": o$(22)="can": o(22)=50
8345 ob$(23)="a cloud of obnoxious gas": o$(23)="shriggles": o(23)=73
8350 ob$(24)="a smoke canister": o$(24)="canister": o(24)=71
8355 ob$(25)="a massive,big hairy spider": o$(25)="spider": o(25)=62
8360 ob$(26)="a Sewer-Protect-o-Suit.": o$(26)="suit": o(26)=57
8370 f$(1)="north": f(1)=1: rm$(1)="f1 - "
8380 f$(3)="south": f(3)=1: rm$(3)="f3 - "
8390 f$(5)="east": f(5)=1: rm$(5)="f5 - "
8400 f$(7)="west": f(7)=1: rm$(7)="f7 - "
8410 f$(2)="look": f(2)=1: rm$(2)="f2 - "
8420 f$(4)="take ": f(4)=0: rm$(4)="f4 - ":
8430 f$(6)="drop ": f(6)=0: rm$(6)="f6 - "
8440 f$(8)="inventory": f(8)=1: rm$(8)="f8 - "
8450 is$(0)="piss": is$(1)="fuck": is$(2)="sod": is$(3)="bollocks"
8460 is$(4)="shit"
8470 co$(1)="help - computer might give a tip."
8475 co$(2)="quit - terminate adventure."
8485 co$(3)="examine - localised search."
8490 co$(4)="screen - change screen colour."
8495 co$(5)="border - change border colour."
8500 co$(6)="command - list out these commands."
8505 co$(7)="list - list out function keys."
8510 co$(8)="function - define a function key.": rem*
8515 co$(9)="load - load saved game off tape."
8520 co$(10)="save - save game to tape."
8525 co$(11)="inventory - list objects you have."
8530 co$(12)="time - prints time elapsed."
8535 co$(13)="freeze - stops game."
8540 ob$(27)="a glove compartment": o$(27)="shriggles": o(27)=85:
8542 ob$(28)="a big apple tree": o$(28)="shriggles": o(28)=38
8544 ob$(29)="a big juicy apple": o$(29)="apple": o(29)=86
8546 r$(86)="at the top of a huge apple tree."
8548 ob$(30)="an old mattress": o$(30)="mattress": o(30)=5
8999 return
9000 print"£qHow do you ";in$;" a ";bb$" ?": f2=1: return
9050 print"£qIt's already tied.": f2=1: return
9100 rem * * * * * * * * * * *
9104 poke 53281,11
9105 print"“qqqqq]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]r‘pub quest’Ÿ"
9110 print"qq]]]]]]]]written & programmed by"
9115 print"q]]]]]]]]]]]c.p.shrigley 1984"
9117 print"q]]]]]]]]]]] for "
9120 print"eq ²`I U`®
9122 print" } }reamJ`Ioftware
9124 print" ±`K``````K```````
9125 print"ž ·················
9130 a$="instructions (y/n) ? ": po$="esqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq]]]]]]"
9135 for i=1 to len(a$): get i$
9140 print po$right$(a$,len(a$)-i)left$(a$,i):
9145 if i$="y" then return
9150 if i$="n" then in=1: return
9151 if i$="" then 9155
9155 for t=1 to 70: next t,i: goto 9135
10020 if bb$="car" and r=5 then print"‘You haven't got the ignition key.": f2=1: return
10022 if r<>5 then print"—I don't see a ";bb$;" here.": f2=1: return
10024 print"—That's beyond even me!": f2=1: return
10500 print"£O.K. Game frozen - press a key to cont.": tt$=ti$
10510 get a$
10520 ti$=tt$: if a$="" then 10510
10530 f2=1: return
10700 if r<>2 then print"‘I see nobody to pay.": f2=1: return
10702 in$="": print"œqWhat with ? ";: gosub 20000
10704 bb$=in$
10706 if bb$="cheque" and o(12)=0 then goto 10750
10708 if bb$="card" and o(13)=0 then goto 10800
10709 if bb$="note" and o(10)=0 then goto 10850
10710 if bb$="cheque" or bb$="card" or bb$="note" or bb$="money" then et=1
10720 if et=1 then et=0: print"You don't possess any ";bb$: f2=1: return
10740 if et=0 then print"£The barman doesn't trade in trinkets.": f2=1: return
10750 print"œThe barman grabs the cheque and says : ":
10755 print"q—";chr$(34);"That'll do nicely!";chr$(34)
10760 gosub 15000
10765 print"‘r <ANY KEY TO CONTINUE> ’"
10770 get a$: if a$="" then 10770
10775 goto 7000
10800 print"œThe barman looks at the card and says : "
10805 print"q—";chr$(34);"Sorry mate,this is a Barclay card.";chr$(34)
10808 gosub 15000
10810 f2=1: return
10850 print"œThe barman looks at the note and says : ":
10855 print"q—";chr$(34);"Sorry mate,this note's a forgery.";chr$(34)
10860 gosub 15000
10865 f2=1: return
15000 print"œqHe rushes off to serve another customer.": return
16000 poke 850,asc("("): poke 680,111: poke 186,1: return
16010 if jf=1 then return
16020 if ct>20 and t=1 then tc=1: t=0: lf=0: ct=0: print"q£Your light source just ran out"
16030 return
17000 poke 680,111: poke 850,asc("("): return
17100 print"qqr PRESS <SPACE BAR> TO RESUME GAME ’"
17110 get sp$: if sp$="" then 17110
17120 if sp$<>" " then 17110
17130 return:
20000 get q$: if q$="" then q$="–"
20020 if cf=1 then print"r¦’";
20030 if cf>2 then cf=0: print"¦";: goto 20045
20040 cf=cf+1
20045 if in$="" and q$=" " then 20000
20050 qq=asc(q$): ll=len(in$)
20060 if pos(io)>39 then print" œqHey! You'll blow my memory capacity": rt=1: return
20070 if qq=32 then 20195
20080 if qq=20 and ll>0 then in$=left$(in$,ll-1): print q$;: goto 20000
20090 if qq=20 and ll<1 then 20000
20100 if qq=13 and ll<1 then 20000
20110 if qq=13 and ll>0 then print".";q$: return
20120 if q$="…" then print f$(1);: in$=f$(1): q$="": if f(1)=1 then print chr$(13): return
20130 if q$="†" then print f$(3);: in$=f$(3): q$="": if f(3)=1 then print chr$(13): return
20140 if q$="‡" then print f$(5);: in$=f$(5): q$="": if f(5)=1 then print chr$(13): return
20150 if q$="ˆ" then print f$(7);: in$=f$(7): q$="": if f(7)=1 then print chr$(13): return
20160 if q$="‰" then print f$(2);: in$=f$(2): q$="": if f(2)=1 then print chr$(13): return
20170 if q$="Š" then print f$(4);: in$=f$(4): q$="": if f(4)=1 then print chr$(13): return:
20180 if q$="‹" then print f$(6);: in$=f$(6): q$="": if f(6)=1 then print chr$(13): return
20190 if q$="Œ" then print f$(8);: in$=f$(8): q$="": if f(8)=1 then print chr$(13): return
20192 if qq<48 or qq>90 then 20000
20195 if ch$=" "andq$=" " then 20000
20200 if q$<>"" then print q$;: in$=in$+q$: ch$=q$
20210 goto 20000
20500 print"]qqœLook I can be silly to......":
20510 poke 53270,3
20520 for i=1 to 2000: next i
20530 poke 53281,6: poke 53280,14: poke 53270,8
20540 print"š“sq **** COMMODORE 64 BASIC V2 ****"
20550 print"q 64K RAM SYSTEM 38911 BASIC BYTES FREE ";
20560 du=0: print"qREADY.": poke 198,0
20570 get rr$
20580 if cf=4 then print"r ’";
20590 if cf>8 then print" ";: cf=0: goto 20600
20595 cf=cf+1
20600 if rr$<>"" then print"qqr‘Fooled you!’": poke 53281,ss: poke 53280,bc: return
20610 goto 20570
21000 print"I understand commands of two words. The first has to be a verb";
21010 print" and the second a noun.": print"qE.g. GO WEST or TAKE BUCKET etc."
21020 print"q‘I also know special word such as : ":
21040 print"qTRY THEM!!!"
21050 print"qAlso try to examine objects."
21060 poke 198,0: print"qqrš PRESS <SPACE> TO CONTINUE GAME ’"
21070 get a$: if a$="" then 21070
21080 if a$<>" " then 21070
21090 return
22000 for i=0 to 4: if is$(i)=in$ then goto 22020
22010 next
22015 return
22020 print"—You mucky beast! Wash your mouth out!"
22030 goto 159:
30000 input#1,r: input#1,t: input#1,so: input#1,ti$: input#1,tl$: input#1,no: input#1,un: input#1,sc
30010 input#1,ct: input#1,tc: input#1,wg: input#1,pe: input#1,ib: input#1,ob: input#1,pc: input#1,ca
30020 input#1,cx: input#1,dh: input#1,nm: input#1,lf: input#1,bo:
30030 return
30050 print#1,r: print#1,t: print#1,so: print#1,ti$: print#1,tl$: print#1,no: print#1,un: print#1,sc
30060 print#1,ct: print#1,tc: print#1,wg: print#1,pe: print#1,ib: print#1,ob: print#1,pc: print#1,ca
30070 print#1,cx: print#1,dh: print#1,nm: print#1,lf: print#1,bo
30080 return

Retro Gaming Interviews

July 23, 2018 | By | Add a Comment

I’ve made a bunch of games, and some of them are really old. I’m talking 30+ years old, which is a bit trippy really. Lots of people who played the games back then, are grown up now and love to reminisce about the good old days. And they were good. Fast forward and here I am, still making games and doing interviews about the good old games I’ve made.

Arcade Attack did a text and podcast interview with me a few weeks back and have just published it over on their site..

Text interview with Arcade Attack Retro Gaming!

Podcast interview with Arcade Attack Retro Gaming!

I also did an interview all about Bounder on the C64 for a cool C64 fanzine called FREEZE64.

FREEZE64 Issue 20.

If you’ve not checked out the game I’m working on, take a look over on our website. We have a cool avatar and wallpaper pack for signing up for our monthly newsletter 🙂

Immortal Darkness: Curse of The Pale King



Immortal Darkness: Curse of The Pale King (PC/Steam) Announced

November 3, 2017 | By | Add a Comment

After almost a year and a half of quiet, hard work, we have finally, officially announced our game, Immortal Darkness: Curse of The Pale King.

Check out the game website;

Check out our announcement trailer..



WordPress Admin Dark Theme – Stylish

June 5, 2017 | By | Add a Comment

Following on from my previous post about hacking the dark theme on VS 2017, I thought I’d share another useful trick for making the WordPress Admin Dashboard nice and dark and easy on the eyes. There are various addons for Chrome that will let you invert the screen (Deluminate), or modify a page’s CSS (Stylebot), but none really fully work the WordPress Dashboard for various reasons.

So, enter Stylish, a really cool addon that allows you to wholesale replace the CSS for a site or page or domain. There are tons of user made themes being shared, and you can get dark versions of most of the major sites. It’s easy to create your own styles for your own needs too.

This is how to turn all your WordPress dashboards into a beautiful, restful and dark experience.

  • Install Stylish
  • Go to your Worpress Dashboard of choice
  • Click the Stylish icon (top right browser)
  • Click the “3 dots” menu (top right) and select “Create New Style”
  • In the “Code 1” box, paste this..
body {
     background-color: black!important;
     color: white!important;
body * {
     background-color: black!important;
     color: white!important;
body.wp-autoresize {
     background-color: #111!important;
  •  Select “URLs matching the Regexp” from the “Applies to:” drop down
  • Paste this regex into the text box..
  • Give your theme a name and save it
  • You should now have lovely, dark Dashboards, everywhere you go

You can obviously expand on the CSS above and set your own colors or whatever.


Visual Studio 2017 High Contrast Theme Dark Registry Hack

May 31, 2017 | By | 7 Comments

I run a high contrast Windows theme because I have crappy eyesight. I also program for a living and use Microsoft Visual Studio. Visual Studio has a rather lovely “Dark” theme that suits my tired old eyes very well. Unfortunately, Microsoft won’t let me use their nice “Dark” theme, because someone at Microsoft thinks they know what I want, better than I know myself. Instead, Microsoft forces Visual Studio to use their special “High Contrast” theme. The theme dropdown in the options is disabled and font/color styling is limited to a handful of colors.

So what’s the problem with that, you ask? I mean,I’m happy to use the high contrast theme elsewhere in Windows, so what’s the big deal?  For starters, their “High Contrast” theme is terrible. There is no syntax coloring or styling. It is plain, white text on a black background. It is a goddamn travesty. But the thing that bugs me most is, someone made a decision to take this choice away from me, making my work harder, and forcing me to endure a sub-optimal experience, reserved only for visually impaired users. Bravo Microsoft. Your good intentions kinda suck.

It’s not just me. Lots of people have the same problem, and not just VI users either. Here’s Microsoft’s official stance on this long existing problem..

Thank you for your feedback! The Visual Studio team has determined that this issue will not be addressed in the upcoming release. We understand the desire to have VS use a different theme from the system. To support customers who rely on high contrast and give them a single experience, we believe the the accessibility for visual Studio is paramount in this instance. We will continue to evaluate it for future releases. Thank you for helping us build a better Visual Studio!

So basically they’re say “tough shit”.

So what is a programmer to do? Well there is a registry hack that I’ve used for a few generations of Visual Studio (like I said this is not a new issue). The hack essentially overwrites the crap “High Contrast” theme with the lovely “Dark” theme in the registry.

  1. Export this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0_Config\Themes{1ded0138-47ce-435e-84ef-9ec1f439b749} (this should the key of the Dark theme)
  2. In the exported file replace the GUID of the Dark Theme ({1ded0138-47ce-435e-84ef-9ec1f439b749}) with the GUID of the High Contrast theme ({a5c004b4-2d4b-494e-bf01-45fc492522c7}):
  3. Import the reg file

This worked like a charm up until Visual Studio 2017, but they have moved the config settings out of the registry and into %AppData%. The config is stored in a private registry that can be loaded and edited in RegEdit. The themes are stored in the private registry and can be edited the same way as the old, working hack.

Fortunately, you can use regedit.exe to load a private hive. You need to select the HKEY_USERS node, and click the File > Load Hive… menu. You select the privateregistry.bin file [Editors note: located in; C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\15.0_????????\] , give a name to the hive (I entered “VS2017PrivateRegistry”) and now you can see the 15.0_Config key populated as usual.

Once you have the Hive loaded into RegEdit, you can navigate to the key here;


Now the hack would be..

  1. Export te “Dark” theme registry key: HKEY_USERS\VS2017PrivateRegistry\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\15.0_????????_Config\Themes\{1ded0138-47ce-435e-84ef-9ec1f439b749}
  2. Replace the GUID of the “Dark” theme ({1ded0138-47ce-435e-84ef-9ec1f439b749}) with the GUID of the “High Contrast” theme ({a5c004b4-2d4b-494e-bf01-45fc492522c7})
  3. Import the reg file

Note:  Be sure to UNLOAD the Hive once you’ve applied the registry hack. Otherwise, Visual Studio wont run.

Meanwhile, Microsoft continues to see this as a non-issue.

So You’ve Made a Game! Now What?

March 20, 2017 | By | Add a Comment

Sometimes I’ll get a hare up my ass and a sudden urge to write something. This happened a couple of days ago, and I ended up putting a blog post about marketing and publishing on Gamasutra. The blog got featured, so that was pretty cool!

Check it out here..

So You’ve Made a Game! Now What?

Immortal Darkness: Curse of The Pale King

February 20, 2017 | By | Add a Comment

I’ve been working on a new game for the past year and we’re now a month or so from being at Alpha. This means most everything is in and done, barring polish, bug fixing, game balance and progression, and the trillion other tiny bits and bobs that need to be done to call the game finished.

We’re aiming for a Q4 2017 release on Steam. We’re hopeful we’ll make it. I put a video together to show off some of the game play. I hope you like it..

Site Got “Hacked”

February 15, 2017 | By | Add a Comment

So, as usual I wasn’t paying attention to this site, and it got “hacked”. I’d read about the WordPress REST API vulnerability a couple weeks ago and I made a point of updating my various WordPress sites. I completely forgot about this one. Typical. I updated and rolled back the silliness that they injected into the various posts. Seems there’s money in selling Cialis. I’m in the wrong business.

Anyway, looks like the site was being messed with quite a bit over the past few days. Here’s a grab of the various people who vied for the #1 post on the site..

Starts with my ironic “The Only Thing That is Constant is Change” post, and then BALA SNIPER comes in and breaks some stuff. They were obviously the best of the lot, because they were there first. Then s/he/it adds in some actual content. Much betterer!

.. Then it’s Imam’s turn, but it’s OK because s/he/it did their work with LOVE.

.. Next up is chinafans (I’m now firmly a china fan too), closely followed by GHoST61. This guy is cool because he used a lowercase ‘o’ in his name.

.. But wait, don’t count chinafans out of the race just yet! They come back strong with 2 changes. Seems they deeply care about typography and added some paragraph HTML tags in their second edit.

Then it’s Dr.Silnt Hill, followed by SA3D HaCk3D, and then GeNErAL HaCkEr… and finally, Dr.Silnt Hill .. again.

Phew! That’s dedication! These guys really mean business! The putting-pharmacy-ads-on-people’s-websites business must be super competitive!

Anyway, thanks for making me stay up late fixing your mess. You guys are the b3sTest!


Would-be Hackers


The Only Thing That is Constant is Change.

September 25, 2016 | By | Add a Comment

I don’t update this site often, and I always get a kick out of reading the last few posts, sometimes years old, and having a laugh at my sincere naivety. It also makes me cringe a little, to read about stuff that just never panned out for one reason or another. Oh well, such is life.

Take my post about being a “Born Again Indie”. All very true, no dispute there, but shortly after that, things changed yet again, and then again and god knows how many times after that. Opportunities arose, and distractions tugged at me from every direction. Shiny, interesting things that all demanded little pieces of my mind, to greater and lesser extents.

The game I mentioned in that post was a top down, 2D, Egyptian themed dungeon crawler, RPG. It was actually going quite well, and then I had some problems with the artist I had teamed up with, and the whole thing just sucked all the wind out my sails. I sulked for a bit, and then, despite myself, I dipped my toe back into iOS and mobile for a few months, finally releasing one of my shelved iOS games. And then the game got swallowed by the App Store, and I got sad about mobile again and went back to the drawing board.

Then, about 8 months ago, I was having coffee with my good friend, and we were talking about the games we’d like to make. We do this regularly. We sit and torture ourselves with fantastical ideas and fantasies of RPGs and Dungeon Crawlers, and we always say we need to make something, but circumstances are always against us.

This time was different. This time, we were both in a position to commit some real time to a long project. We kicked around ideas and we toyed with making a small, quick game, and even a mobile game. But we kept coming back to our favorite things. Playing D&D, RPGs and Dungeon Crawlers. So we started to define our ultimate dungeon crawler game, constrained by the limitations of our dev resources (just 2 of us). We came up with something we both got excited about. By the end of our coffee, we were totally into the idea and decided to proceed by making a fully playable, polished prototype, to prove out the game’s viability as a full project.

We chose Unity to make the game, and we spent the next 3 months on the prototype. Quite a long time for a prototype, but our mandate was for all the system created would be production ready and usable in the actual project. No cutting corners and no temp or bought code and art. We developed a custom toolset around the Unity editor, and I built a number of highly flexible systems and game mechanics, that allowed Damon to do his thing, and put all his energy into making art and building dungeons and enemies and puzzles.

We quickly realized that Unity was a fantastic choice, and our strategy for simplicity with massive flexibility, was the correct one. Things came together quickly and easily, and we were both having a blast. Once the prototype was ready, we enrolled a bunch of people in a play test. We set up a SurveyMonkey questionnaire for our testers to fill out, rating everything we could think of and offering the chance to give us real, honest feedback. The play test went very well and the data we got back was incredibly valuable. We got some excellent insight into some of our best and worse mistakes and assumptions. Based on the feedback we got, we decided to move ahead with the full project, and spent a few weeks making adjustments to the design and laying out story and detailed design for the entire game.

We kicked off the project officially at the beginning of August. We’re coming up to 2 months in and the project is going really, really well. We’re both still excited about the project, which for a couple of cynical old gits like us, is something new. We meet for coffee and plan and design and figure out problems. We’re heads down right now, building and testing and refining our tools and systems. In a month or so, I’ll be putting a website together for the game, and I’ll be doing some sort of regular game blog update thing. If you’re a real person, and not a bot or an Eastern European or Korean spammer, I hope you’ll join us and follow along. I’ll let you know when things kick off.

Meanwhile, here’s a couple of videos from the prototype.

Advice For People Wanting To Make Games

July 15, 2015 | By | Add a Comment

What advice would you give someone wanting to get into the games business?

I get asked this question a lot.  My first thought is, don’t bother. But that’s just my evil, English sense of humor talking. I recently did an interview where this question was asked again. This pretty much boils down everything I think about the subject ..

I’m a programmer and have always been a programmer, but I’ve worn many different hats over the years. There are a number of really important things you need, in order to succeed in the games business. First and foremost, you need to be good at something, be it programming, design, art, whatever. Obvious right?  You’d be surprised. You need to be smart and be able to problem solve and talk intelligently to other people. You need to be flexible and adaptive and be able to turn your hand to things outside your skill set or comfort zone. You need to be resilient and able to cope with stress and long work hours. But most of all, you really, genuinely have to love making games, and really want to do it. In fact, I’d say, unless you live and breath making games, and carry around a notebook where you sketch design or art ideas, or write programs, while on the bus or sitting waiting for your latte, don’t bother.

There’s a BIG difference between playing games and making games.  People often get that mixed up. Playing games is fun, and if it’s a well made game, you don’t see the complexity or pain that went into making it.  Making games is also fun, but it’s not all fun. It’s hard and there’s a ton of BS you have to deal with and there’s a massive amount of really tedious stuff to do, especially towards the end.  It’s not glamorous at all, despite what you see in the indie dev documentaries, and a lot of people don’t realize that or understand that until they give it a go.  That’s why most people who try and make a game, never finish one, or eventually make something that’s kind of crap.  You have to have a genuine—and I hate to use this word, but it’s appropriate—passion, to make a game from start to finish.  It’s the only thing that will get you through the process when things look bleak or get too difficult.

Beyond that, if you’re looking at this as a career, then start with a computer science degree.  It will give you a solid, academic foundation to build on.  Then go to vocational school, or college that has a games program, and learn the basics.  Experience what it’s like to build something from start to finish in a team.  Make friends and network.  Get involved with the local game dev community.  This all ties back into my first point about living and breathing game dev.  It really is a lifestyle.

Finally, be good at something. The games industry is a meritocracy.  You have to be good to succeed (unless you’re a manager  I kid, I kid), and if you’re not good, it will be apparent very quickly.  Specialization adds value.  As a coder, if you’re a 3D guru, a math whiz, an AI savant, or a physics genius, you’ll always be in demand.  Don’t get me wrong, good, solid gameplay programmers are equally important, but there’s more competition for those roles.  As an artist, you better be good.  No other discipline wears it’s skill on its arm than art.  If you can’t draw or code, most likely you want to be a designer. You better be a damn good designer if you want to succeed, because it’s highly competitive, and the game dev schools spit out hundreds of designers each year. If you want an edge as a designer, understand the other disciplines, and learn how to talk to programmers and artists.  Learn to code or script.  Be good at communicating your ideas verbally, and through drawings. Good, technical designers are worth their weight in gold.  If you can’t do anything, but you’re good at communication, organization and making other people do you bidding, become a producer or manager.  Do a business management course and learn about project structure.