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Chris Working

Chris Hard at Work


Because the world needs another grumpy old game developer blogging about his game dev escapades, and because I happen to be developing a game right now, AND because I’m stuck in my house hiding from COVID-19, I’ve decided to do a dev blog. Hooray! Over the next few months, you can follow along as I slowly lose my sanity trying to build and release my latest game, “Enemy Wave”.

The game is a twin stick shooter, in the old-school arcade coin-op vein. Basically a no-fuss, fast-paced, bullet-hell, survival shooter, full of crazy enemies and weapons. I’ve no clue if it’ll turn out any good or not, but either way, I’ll have a good time making it. And at my age, that’s really all that matters. I’ll share some video when I have somethng to show, and as soon as I have something playable, I’ll post a demo so you can make up your own mind.

You may be wondering who the hell I am, and why you should care about what I’m doing. First off, you absolutely shouldn’t care about what I’m doing, because I’m not solving hunger or poverty or anything important like that. As far as who I am, I’m Chris (obviously), and I’m a really old games programmer. I’m so old, I learned about “Ferrite Core Memory”, and “Punch Cards” at college, and had my first game published in 1983! Crazy huh?! I’ve done tons of games over the years, and I’ll probably talk about some of that silliness too at some point.

Anyway, first dev-y post tomorrow!

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