Enemy Wave Daily Dev Update: Day #1

May 9, 2020 | By | Add a Comment

Honestly, I didn’t get much done today. It’s Saturday and there are a ton of distractions all vying for my attention. I was supposed to be working on my high scores web service (which is mostly done), and the in-game UI and high score table functionality (which is NOT mostly done), but I ended up messing with camera code, playing in the back yard in the sunshine, and watching Davie504 and The Proper People videos on Youtube. Bah!

But wait, there’s an important lesson to be had here. A learning opportunity, if you will.

First, be realistic about working weekends, especially after a long, busy week where all you really want to do is veg out and put your feet up. Rest is really important!

Second, don’t be hard on yourself if this kind of thing happens. If it happens a lot, then yeah give yourself a good kicking or something, but once in a while is OK. It’s not like any of this is actually important or anything, so just enjoy your choices and get back to it ASAP.

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