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Following on from my previous post about hacking the dark theme on VS 2017, I thought I’d share another useful trick for making the WordPress Admin Dashboard nice and dark and easy on the eyes. There are various addons for Chrome that will let you invert the screen (Deluminate), or modify a page’s CSS (Stylebot), but none really fully work the WordPress Dashboard for various reasons.

So, enter Stylish, a really cool addon that allows you to wholesale replace the CSS for a site or page or domain. There are tons of user made themes being shared, and you can get dark versions of most of the major sites. It’s easy to create your own styles for your own needs too.

This is how to turn all your WordPress dashboards into a beautiful, restful and dark experience.

  • Install Stylish
  • Go to your Worpress Dashboard of choice
  • Click the Stylish icon (top right browser)
  • Click the “3 dots” menu (top right) and select “Create New Style”
  • In the “Code 1” box, paste this..
body {
     background-color: black!important;
     color: white!important;
body * {
     background-color: black!important;
     color: white!important;
body.wp-autoresize {
     background-color: #111!important;
  •  Select “URLs matching the Regexp” from the “Applies to:” drop down
  • Paste this regex into the text box..
  • Give your theme a name and save it
  • You should now have lovely, dark Dashboards, everywhere you go

You can obviously expand on the CSS above and set your own colors or whatever.


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