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Chris Shrigley 2019

Chris Shrigley 2019

Hello, my name’s Chris Shrigley, and I’m a programmer. Obviously I do other stuff and have diverse and wide ranging interests, but mostly I’m a programmer. I started programming when I was around 12 years old, and I’ve done it professionally my entire adult life so far. I program all sorts of things in all sorts of languages and frameworks, but my expertise lies firmly in making games. I’ve worked on, programmed, and created more than 50 commercially published games over the years, on almost every platform since the early 1980s. I’ve worked for some of the biggest game companies in the world, with some of the best, most creative people in the business, and I even started a couple of successful game studios too. Not bad for a lad from Derby.

I’m currently “retired”, due to being legally blind, but ironically seem to be busier than ever. I mostly work on my own projects and usually let myself go where my interests take me. I’m almost certainly working on some hare-brained project as you read this.

Shrigley.com is my personal website, and is a place for me to sporadically and randomly share stuff I’m thinking about or working on. I am chaotic good and mostly friendly, and you can check me out and/or contact me through social media. Cheers!