Well That Didn’t Last Long!

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Blogs are old fashioned now. Someone told me they’re like vlogs only in black and white. Funny stuff that! Everyone who’s anyone is doing a vlog, and blogs are dead. The way people consume information in this modern era is very visual and stimulating, and I’m not sure people even read nowadays. Sadly, I’m not good enough looking to do a vlog, and it’s also a lot more work than typing random thoughts into a text box in WordPress.

Looking around Youtube and following along with various dev vlogs, it seems that it’s more important to do the vlog stuff than it is to make the game. In fact, a lot of the vlogs I watch are of projects that will never be finished, and it’s more about the steady stream of noise to feed their “community” than making the game. Fair enough and all good, if that’s your bag, and that’s your goal. Vlogs and sharing your project on social media platforms is all part of building an audience, and a massively important part of making a commercial game. I get it, but no matter how hard I try, it’s not for me really.  I honestly don’t have the energy or time to make videos and edit them, and I absolutely don’t have anything interesting to share visually, or say even.

I suppose it really comes down to motivation and what my ultimate goal is. I’m motivated to make my game, but not share drivel about it on here. My ultimate goal is to make my game and sell a few copies. Does having a blog or a vlog help with that? It can, I’m sure, but I just can’t be bothered really. It’s hard enough making the game, without all the dog and pony show stuff. The really funny thing is, that I’m just talking to myself here, and no one gives a flying fuck about my project or what I’m doing, so the existence of this blog is even more of an anomaly. So why am I doing a blog? Honestly, I have no clue. So, I’m not going to be doing a blog any more. Too much of a distraction and not enough to say.

If you’ve read this far, you probably think I’m being mardy or something, or throwing my toys out my pram because no one is paying me any attention. Perhaps that’s true. Not sure I care. I’ll probably still drop the odd post here as the project progresses, but really, posting to Twitter, YouTube and Facebook will be enough. TTFN!

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