The Best Laid Plans..

May 15, 2020 | By | Add a Comment

I have a fairly tight, albeit self imposed schedule on this new game project, and so far I’ve been doing OK, keeping on track, checking stuff off my task list and making steady progress. And then 2 days ago, I got a call from a friend in distress; Her website, which I built for her about 5 years ago, needed a good overhaul in preparation for new clients and an upcoming business opportunity.

She’d commissioned a family friend to do the overhaul, but things didn’t go so well, and 3 valuable weeks were lost to the wind. So with a scant 5 days before her deadline and big presentation, enter yours truly, reluctant hero to save the day. Poor Woman! Although this slightly derails my dev schedule, I’m happy to jump in and do the work. Did I mention I hate website development?

I’ll be back in a few days!

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