On The Importance of Tea and Chocolate in Game Development

May 9, 2020 | By

Tea and chocolate are two very important things in my life, and they both bring me an enormous amount of joy. Both things are linked with good times and good memories of places and people. Putting all that emotional stuff aside, taking a step back, and looking at tea and chocolate objectively, they both have very real benefits for game dev.

Tea is caffeinated and caffeine gets you hopped up and your brain buzzing. I guess you could use any source of caffeine (coffee, soda, pills), and get the same results, but tea is my preferred carrier. I’m not big into stimulants any more, and I have to be careful. There’s a fine line for me with caffeine, between being appropriately stimulated, and being jittery and slightly manic. It doesn’t take much, so I have to practice discipline with my tea consumption!

I wouldn’t say I have a tea problem, but I did literally just spent over $100 on tea, which is utter madness! My friend owns a tea business and she imports some amazing and rare teas, so I have ready access. I call her my “Dealer” , and I text her whenever I need hooking up with an ounce of Jasbiri or Temple Green Genmaicha.

The only thing I like more than tea, is chocolate. Chocolate is medicine and I eat a lot of it. I’m picky though. I’m not some chocolate floozy, who’ll pick up a cheap Hershey bar at the convenience store. Nope, high quality, simple and unprocessed, dark and dangerous is my thing. Chocolate contains chemicals that make you feel like you’re in love. How amazing is that!? Phenylethylamine stimulates the release of dopamine and serotonin, and has properties similar to amphetamines. The combination of tea and chocolate is a potent one and has seen me through many long coding marathons.

OK time for my afternoon tea and a nice homemade scone. Oh yeah, cakes and pastries are super important too!

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